Sunday, 21 March 2010

First day of spring, glorious sushine!

Threw away all the cheap, useless compost and sowed fresh tomato, basil, French marigold and celariac seeds in trays in the poly tunnel.
Removed a lot of chickweed and dandelions and tidied up generally.
Also planted two rows of Ulster Prince potatoes, but lots of my seed potatoes have rotted, probably down to frost or more likely a dodgy source! So tomorrow I shall be looking for more first earlies.
The lady in the next plot gave me a gooseberry bush and a rhubarb crown, duly planted!
And I spread a few flower seeds around my bumble bee area! Also some Lavender Vera to combat the smell of horse manure!
Areas earmarked for cabbage, cauli and celariac.
Could just do with a nice day tomorrow now!

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