Sunday, 9 May 2010

Busy day!

After succumbing to TV advertising, my neighbour bought an upside down tomato planter for £10! What a rip off, its little more than a plastic bag! She had to spend another tenner on compost, slow release fertiliser and other sundry bits!
I had to make a timber bracket sustantial enough to carry 17 litres of compost and 5 litres of water. Luckily I had most of the stuff around to make it, or it would have cost even more! I also provided the tomato plants required. It took most of the morning to get it up and running, including a mod to beef up the way it was hug up!Arrived on the plot late afternoon, and removed the anti-pigeon netting from the brassicas so's I could get at the weeds! Now its up to Julian and flashing CDs. They do say Des O'Connor CDs are best, but I did use one of Abba's!

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