Saturday, 5 March 2011

abc1 him/her

Strange title I know, but I think I may have been refered to as such on another blog!
On an excellent frugality forum I visit on a regular basis, a man/woman, who is well known for frugal living on a pension. Have bus pass will travel, make do and mend, search for bargains etc, all of which I do myself to a certain extent (I'm also a pensioner), but it transpired he/she had a car that had been involved in an accident, so the frugal means of replacing said car was duly explained.
I found it hard to accept, scrimping, especially on food, simply to buy a motor car! The reasons were not convincing either, one being, "I've always had one" Up until four years ago I'd always had a car, now I manage without, as I do a TV!
I could afford a fairly good car if I wished, but my pension would not cover car running costs on my normal budget, so I manage without!
I doubt if him/her will read this, but you never know!

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